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We Offer

  • Free quotation without obligation

  • Specialised packing service (Including delivery of bequests)

  • Valuations of Antiques, collectables for auction

  • Auction placement of saleable items

  • Complete removal of all un-saleable items

  • Full or part house clearances

  • Void property clearance

  • Rubbish clearance

  • Office clearance

  • removal of unwanted items from moving house

  • Property cleaning after clearance service

  • Local and long distance courier service

  • Shredding of confidential and personal paperwork

  • Service with a smile


We specialise in carrying out valuations for:

  • Probate

  • Insurance

  • Inheritiance

  • Market Realisation

We are available to carry out valuation work in a fast and efficient manner, charges for these services are available on request.

Probate/Family Division

We act on behalf of local solicitors and trustee departments in the preparation and issuing of certificates of valuation, which are required by the Inland Revenue. In most cases this is a fairly simple operation which normally takes under an hour to complete.

In some cases when a relative leaves an estate to be divided equally amongst the family, the entire contents will require a valuation to ensure an even distribution.

An inventory with current market realisation values alongside each item can be produced for this purpose with photographs if required.

Property Clearance/Downsizing

When a property is being sold or just needs to be emptied as part of a deceased estate, all the contents need to be dealt with.
We offer a full service where we can identify any items deemed valuable and recommend and deliver to an appropriate auction house to realize the best possible price, any remaining items will be removed and disposed of in an appropriate manner. This may be by donation to local charities or recycling centres.
We can also arrange for the property to be cleaned if required, ready for new owners or ready to be sold or let.
We are able to provide short and long term storage via reputable companies, and courier service nationwide.

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